Thursday, 5 November 2015

Noida and Greater Noida Is a worthwhile Location for Real Estate Investors and Buyers!

Delhi/NCR has always been a point of attraction for home buyers and investors belonging to different parts of India. The property market of any region depends heavily on the flourishing economy there and in that case, the cities have scored really well. There have been a lot of infrastructural developments and political tie-ups that have given rise to the much-needed ripples in the economic airs prevailing. The real estate activities have also gone up by a good number and one can easily owe this to a high migration rate. Growing number of expatriates and mushrooming industrialization has led to a fiery real estate market. The year 2015 brought in some hits and there are more to come, for sure. Market seems slow over all so the time is good for end users to make their dreams true.

1.    The Swanky Transport Systems

By transport systems, it just not only means buses and carriers but altogether the transportation systems that includes well-laid metro systems, new bus lines and plans to bring together distant places. This one aspect has the capability to change the face of a city’s real estate market. With reference to the fact, the localities located near the metro lines have grown in leaps and bounds. Moreover, the builders have focused more on building residential spaces near such areas so that buyers face fewer challenges in terms of travelling and nearness to essential infrastructure. A buyer can invest in such properties like JaypeeGreens Noida and can also expect a high resale values later in their lives. The buses and new services started in Delhi/NCR eases the connectivity problems as well. 

2.    New Schemes

given the high commercial quotient of the Delhi/NCR region and a high migration rate, builders operating in the area come up with new schemes and ideas. Delhi/NCR region houses a good number of multi-national companies and there are corporations that are planning to station their branches here. The business prospects have elevated the standards of the real estate market in Delhi/NCR, by manifolds. More and more professionals and expats are coming here for work and a good life and this has compelled the realtors to land into different areas of residential space. Affordable housing options, independent houses for people with high purchasing power and what not. There are a plethora of schemes that makes everything even more interesting and lucrative for an investment

3.    High Returns on Investment

property market in Delhi and the NCR region, such as Gurgaon are known to offer excellent return on investment. This goes true not only for India based investors but for the NRIs as well. Regions, such as Noida, Greater Noida and Gurgaon have properties that are well-laid and are a mix of both affordable and luxurious options. Other regions that have managed to make it to the list are Noidaextension, Bhiwadi, Sohnaroad, Dwarka Expressway, KMP expressway and Gurgaon Faridabad road. Since, choosing to invest in these areas offer the proximity required, realtors are focusing to station more and more housing units here and thus investment may reap fortunes for the individual.

4.    A Wide Variety of Housing Options

 The real estate market of Delhi is changing at a steep rate. Number of factors, such as environment, transport and urbanization, are rapidly changing its face. One highlighted thing about property market in Delhi/NCR is a wide variety of options available for investors searching for an abode or a place to start off their business. As for the housing units, the realtors are tapping the needs of the young buyers and professionals and are thus stationing affordable housing segments, penthouses and villas. Multiple shades are visible in the residential space within the Delhi/NCR region. As for the commercial arena, the region has hubs that encompass multi-storied posh zones for companies and big corporations and then there are small and medium sized commercial spaces for medium scale industries to station their ventures.


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